Searching For Happiness

Most of us, more or less must have gone through this experience what I had gone through. When I was a little child, my parents told me to go to school, get good marks, get a job, earn money, get married and have children and enjoy the life. I followed their instructions with utmost sincerity and I had gone through all those stages to pursue that happiness in my life. But honestly speaking, I was never fully happy. It is just like a promising happiness like a signed outdated cheque.

Everyone of us works very hard to become happy in this world but still the suffering is imposed on us even though we do not endeavour or desire for it. No Intelligent person endeavours for suffering then why there is suffering?  What is the reason that we unable to be happy although one has a big bungalow, costly cars, beautiful wife,… everything in his life? The reason is we are finding happiness in the wrong place and we are trying to please not ourselves.

Many people believe that happiness is having a fun at a party, the excitement of new experiences, getting pleasure from opposite sex, establishing name, fame and recognition in their life. Some believe that they can get happiness by fulfilling their desires by the four basic needs of human life such as eating, sleeping, defending and mating. Some say that happiness is a state of mind which is not permanent in nature and is not necessarily internal or external experience and not to be confused with joy, ecstasy, bliss or other more intense feelings.

Our story is similar to a story of a donkey who chases after the hanging little carrot which she never gets in her life. Money, fame, recgnition or any of material things were like this carrot , they don’t bring any true happiness in our life . I was not even realizing that, I was just running like everyone else, behind the same goals, in the same lifestyle and completely got stuck without even knowing that I was stuck. Sure I was happy at sometimes, but only for a short while followed by anxieties, lamentation, frustration and struggle for existence. Don’t we  experience the feeling unhappiness and discomfort, being struggling every moment to maintain ourselves?

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