Self Realization Course

A Certificate course on fundamentals of spirituality from an international educaitonal and cultural organization

► Most significant investment you can make isin yourself.

► Learn simple, powerful, practical truths about life and spirituality.

► A roadmap to inner peace and fulfillment.

► Empower yourself with techniques to tackle stress, bad habits and conflict.

Course Topics:-

✾ Who Am I?

✾ Does God really Exist?

✾ How to realize the existence of God?

✾ What is the Real Problem of Life and how to overcome it?

✾ What is the best meditation in this modern age?

✾ How to get Liberation?

Salient Features:-

 Professionally qualified faculty

 Scietific understanding of God, Soul and Life. 

 Seminar with color slide show presentation and activities.

 Exciting question / answer and discussion sessions.

 Mantra meditation technique.

 Certificate awarded after the seminars for regular participants on the basis of their performance.

How will I benefit from the seminars?


★ Learn to harness the power of the mind through mantra meditaion.

★ Unleash the potential of the soul to find inner fulfillment

★ Gain access to the power of God to operpower undesirable and self-destructive habits and traits.

★ Empower yourself with timeless Vedic techniques to successfully tackle the stresses and tensions of modern living.

★ Harmonize yourself with the universal laws of karma & thus save yourself from future suffering.

★ Discover the non-sectarian spiritual truths that can unify all religions and people.

Register for this course to realize yourself.