Yoga For Modern Age

Nowadays people are unaware about what exactly yoga means, Some think yoga means some physical exercise to keep the body fit, Some thinks yoga means meditation and still they are unaware of what is the purpose of keeping the body fit and meditation to control the mind.

Some people practice yoga to do more sense enjoyment, in order to do enjoyment once health should be good, to keep the health fit one should practice yoga, like wise there are so many wrong propagandas.

The real purpose of Yoga is to realize oneself and to realize God, How to realize God through Yoga that we will teach in this ‘Yoga for Modern Age’ Seminar.

What Do I Learn?

What is Yoga?

➣Different Types of  Yoga?

➣How to control Senses and Mind?

➣How to practice Yoga in this Modern Age?

➣What is the Ultimate purpose of Human Life?

➣How to achieve the Ultimate purpose through practicing Yoga?

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